PPSINGH & ASSOCIATES is a firm of Chartered Accountants having  office  in NCR Delhi just 0.5 km from Anand Vihar ISBT  Delhi  the capital of India established in the year 2003. 



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List of transaction covered under TDS along with applicability to resident and non-resident payee-By CA PPSINGH

List of transaction covered under TDS along with applicability to resident and non-resident payee-By CA PPSINGH

List of transaction covered under TDS along with applicability to resident and non-resident payee

Section Nature of payment Applicability
Resident payee Non-resident payee
192 Salary. Y Y
192A TDS on Payment from accumulated balance due to an employee w.e.f 01-06-2015 Y Y
193 Interest on securities. Y N
194 Dividend. Y N
194A TDS on interest other than interest on securities. Y N
S-194B TDS on wining from lottery, cross word puzzle. Y Y
S-194BB TDS on wining from horse race. Y Y
S-194C TDS on payment to contractors. Y N
S-194D TDS on insurance commission to agents by insurance company. Y N
S-194DA Deduction from payment in respect of Life Insurance Policy w.e.f 01-10-2014. Y N
S-194E TDS on payment to non resident sports man or sports association. N Y
S-194EE TDS on payment in respect of deposit under national saving scheme. Y Y
S-194F TDS on payment on account of repurchase of units by mutual funds or UTI. Y Y
S-194G TDS on commission on sale of lottery ticket. Y Y
S-194H TDS on commission or brokerage. Y N
S-194I TDS on rent. Y N
S-194IA TDS on payment in respect of transfer of immovable property other than agriculture land. Y N
S-194IB TDS in respect of Payment of rent by individuals or Hindu undivided family not subject to tax audit. w.e.f  1st June, 2017 Y N
S-194-IC TDS on payment of monetary consideration under joint development agreement (JDA) w.e.f 1st of April 2017 Y N
S-194J TDS on fee for professional, technical service, remuneration to non salary director, royalty and non compete fee referred, under section 28(va). Y N
S-194LA TDS on payment as compensation on acquisition of immovable property. Y N
S-194LB TDS on income by way of interest from infrastructure debt fund referred under section 10(47). N Y
S-194LBA Deduction from certain income from units of a business trust w.e.f 01-06-2015. Y Y
S-194LBB TDS on Income in respect of Units of Investment Fund Y Y
194LBC TDS on Income in respect of investment in securitization trust with effect from 01-06-2016 new section inserted by finance act 2016. Y Y
S-194LC TDS on interest income from Indian company to non resident in respect of borrowings in foreign currency under loan agreement or infrastructure bond between 1-7-2012 to 1-7-2017 where borrowings rate of interest approved by central government. N Y
S-194LD TDS on interest of Rupee denominated bond of Indian company or government securities payable FII or QFI between 1-6-2013 to 1-7-2017 @ 5%. N Y
S-194M Payment exceeding ₹ 50 lakh for any work/ commission /fee for professional or technical service  by certain individuals or Hindu undivided family not otherwise not covered in tax audit u/s 44AB. Y N
S-194N Cash withdrawal from bank/post office/co-operative bank exceeding certain limit. Y Y
S-194O Payment by e-commerce operator or customer to e-commerce participant for supply through digital platform of e-commerce operator. Y N
S-194 P Deduction of tax in case of specified senior citizen  age above 75 years and having person  income and interest income from the same bank – Full tax  due to be deducted and no need to file ITR.


s-194Q Deduction of tax at source on payment of  sum  exceeding ₹ 50 lakh for purchase of goods from a person if purchaser turnover/gross receipts/sale of  preceding FY is ₹ 10 crore. Y N
S-195 TDS on payment to non resident or to a foreign company. N Y
S-196B TDS on income from units referred under section 115AB(off shore funds) where units purchase in foreign currency, TDS @ 10% on income including long term capital gain. N Y
S-196C TDS on income by way of interest, dividend and long term capital gain in respect of share/ GDR/ bonds of Indian company to non resident referred under section 115AD @ 10%. N Y
S-196D TDS on income of FII from securities referred under section 115AD(1)(a) @ 20%. N Y
S-206AB Special provision for deduction of tax at source for non-filers of ITR (income-tax return) for last 2 AY before due date Y Y
Qualification: LLM( P), LLB, FCA, CS, GSTCC, B.Sc. (H.)
Location: 1. UG-02, 10A/10 plot no 10, sector 10A, Vasundhara, ghaziabad, UP. NCR Delhi, 2. Office no-03, 4th floor Ansal plaza Mall Vaishali, Ghaziabad- 201010 (Uttar Pradesh)

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