PPSINGH & ASSOCIATES is a firm of Chartered Accountants having  office  in NCR Delhi just 0.5 km from Anand Vihar ISBT  Delhi  the capital of India established in the year 2003. 



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Transactions covered under TDS or TCS with date of applicability

Transactions covered under TDS or TCS with date of applicability

Transactions covered under TDS or TCS with date of applicability

Section Nature of Transaction Applicability
( w .e .f)
S-192 Salary. 01-04-19612
S-192A TDS on Payment from accumulated balance due to an employee w.e.f 01-06-2015 01-06-2015
S-193 Interest on securities. 01-04-19613
S-194 Dividend. 01-04-19614
S-194A TDS on interest other than interest on securities. 01-04-1967
S-194B TDS on wining from lottery, cross word puzzle. 01-04-1972
S-194BB TDS on wining from horse race. 01-04-1978
S-194C TDS on payment to contractors. 01-04-1972
S-194D TDS on insurance commission to agents by insurance company. 01-04-1973
S-194DA* Deduction from payment in respect of Life Insurance Policy w.e.f 01-10-2014. 01-10-2014
S-194E TDS on payment to non resident sports man or sports association. 01-11-1989
S-194EE TDS on payment in respect of deposit under national saving scheme. 01-10-1991
S-194F TDS on payment on account of repurchase of units by mutual funds or UTI. 01-04-1991
S-194G TDS on commission on sale of lottery ticket. 01-10-1991
S-194H TDS on commission or brokerage. 01-06-20011
S-194I TDS on rent. 01-06-1994
S-194IA TDS on payment in respect of transfer of immovable property other than agriculture land. 01-06-2013
S-194IB TDS in respect of Payment of rent by individuals or Hindu undivided family not subject to tax audit. 1st June, 2017
S-194-IC TDS on payment of monetary consideration under joint development agreement (JDA) 1st of April 2017
S-194J TDS on fee for professional, technical service, remuneration to non salary director, royalty and non compete fee referred, under section 28(va). 01-07-1995
S-194LA TDS on payment as compensation on acquisition of immovable property. 01-10-2004
S-194LB TDS on income by way of interest from infrastructure debt fund referred under section 10(47). 01-06-2011
S-194LBA* Deduction from certain income from units of a business trust w.e.f 01-06-2015. 01-10-2014
S-194LBB TDS on Income in respect of Units of Investment Fund 01-06-2015
194LBC TDS on Income in respect of investment in securitization trust with effect from 01-06-2016 new section inserted by finance act 2016. 01-06-2016
S-194LC TDS on interest income from Indian company to non resident in respect of borrowings in foreign currency under loan agreement or infrastructure bond between 1-7-2012 to 1-7-2017 where borrowings rate of interest approved by central government. 01-07-2012
S-194LD TDS on interest of Rupee denominated bond of Indian company or government securities payable FII or QFI between 1-6-2013 to 1-7-2017 @ 5%. 01-06-2013
S-194M Payment exceeding ₹ 50 lakh for any work/ commission /fee for professional or technical service  by certain individuals or Hindu undivided family not otherwise not covered in tax audit u/s 44AB. 01-09-2019
S-194N Cash withdrawal from bank/post office/co-operative bank exceeding certain limit. 01-07-2020
S-194O Payment by e-commerce operator or customer to e-commerce participant for supply through digital platform of e-commerce operator. 01-10-2020
S-194 P Deduction of tax in case of specified senior citizen  age above 75 years and having person  income and interest income from the same bank – Full tax  due to be deducted and no need to file ITR.


S-194Q Deduction of tax at source on payment of  sum  exceeding ₹ 50 lakh for purchase of goods from a person if purchaser turnover/gross receipts/sale of  preceding FY is ₹ 10 crore. 01-07-2021
S-195 TDS on payment to non resident or to a foreign company. 01-04-1961
S-196B TDS on income from units referred under section 115AB(off shore funds) where units purchase in foreign currency, TDS @ 10% on income including long term capital gain. 01-10-1991
S-196C TDS on income by way of interest, dividend and long term capital gain in respect of share/ GDR/ bonds of Indian company to non resident referred under section 115AD @ 10%. 01-06-1992
S-196D TDS on income of FII from securities referred under section 115AD(1)(a) @ 20%. 01-06-1993
S-206AB Special provision for deduction of tax at source  at higher rate  for non-filers of ITR (income-tax return) for last 2 AY before due date 01-07-2021
S-206C(1) Profits and gains from the business of trading in alcoholic liquor, forest produce, scrap, Minerals, being coal or lignite or iron ore etc.  No TCS if a declaration by purchaser that such goods to be utilised for the purposes of manufacturing, processing or producing articles or things or for the purposes of generation of power and not for trading purposes. 01-06-1988
S-206C(1C)  TCS by every person, who grants a lease or a licence or enters into a contract or otherwise transfers any right or interest either in whole or in part in any parking lot or toll plaza or mine or quarry, to another person 01-10-2004
S-206C(1F) Sale of motor vehicle where consideration for sale of a motor vehicle of the value exceeding ₹10 lakh . 01-06-2016
S-206C(1G) authorised dealer for foreign exchange if the amount or aggregate of the amounts being remitted by a buyer exceeds ₹ 7  lakh  in a financial year 01-10-2020
S-206C(1H) TCS on sale of goods exceeding ₹ 50lakh in a year to a person if seller turnover/gross receipts/sale during preceding FY exceeds ₹ 10 crore. 01-10-2020

*  refer note 6.

S-206CCA Special provision for collection of tax at source at higher rate for non-filers of ITR(income-tax return) for last two AY s till due date of ITR. 01-07-2021


  1. Section 194H was applicable between 1.10.1991 and 31.3.2000 also.
  2. Similar provision under 18(2) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1922.
  3. Similar provision under 18(3) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1922
  4. Similar provision under 18(3D) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1922
  5. Similar provision under Section 18(3B) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1922.
  6. From 01-07-2021 new section 194Q inserted where TCS is required to be deducted.
Qualification: LLM( P), LLB, FCA, CS, GSTCC, B.Sc. (H.)
Location: 1. UG-02, 10A/10 plot no 10, sector 10A, Vasundhara, ghaziabad, UP. NCR Delhi, 2. Office no-03, 4th floor Ansal plaza Mall Vaishali, Ghaziabad- 201010 (Uttar Pradesh)

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